New Year. Same Me.

Disclaimer: Before I delve into the details here, I want to clarify something. This article is not intended to belittle New Years resolutions. Absolutely not! Making resolutions, setting new goals, and working towards something is great! This article is only intended to get you thinking about what happens after you achieve that resolution.

Please excuse my grainy mirror selfies :)

Please excuse my grainy mirror selfies 🙂

This is me. January 2017. New year, new me? No. It’s not because I’m perfect (far from it, actually!). Sure, I’ve got plenty of resolutions… but not a single one of them is fitness-related.

Why? Because I’m happy with my body. I have no holiday backslide to overcome. I have no Christmas cookies to undo. I absolutely need no diet overhaul.

This is me. January 2017, December 2016, July 2016. Small improvements, sure. More improvements to come too (I hope). But, still… same body, same me.

Hear me out, here. I know, I know… this sounds pretty condescending towards those of you who ARE making resolutions, whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re getting back on track.

No, I’m not judging you. We’re all human. It happens! You have nothing to feel bad about— so do not (I repeat: do not) beat yourself up about it!

For a moment, though, I want you to imagine the feeling of going into the new year sans fitness resolution. How freeing does that feel? To think about what you’d do to change yourself for the whole new year, and just feel… mostly content? “No thanks. I’m happy with my body as is. Maybe I’ll focus on other things.” No need to start over, do double time to undo bad choices, feeling like you need to find your way back “on track.” Just the pure freedom of knowing that at any given moment during the year… you’re right where you want to be, fitness-wise.

Wow, what an amazing feeling! Right?

So why am I discussing this? Is my point “haha, I’m in good shape, and all of you suckers should feel bad about yourselves.”? No! My only goal is to get you to start thinking about that feeling— that feeling of being content, that sense of freedom, that lack of burden— as part of your goal. I want you to start visualizing that long term success… instead of just fixating on the short term goal.

When we set a goal, we think about achieving it. But then what? What happens after we’ve gained that 10 lbs of muscle we promised ourselves we would? What happens after we’ve lost that 25 lbs we worked so hard to lose? What happens after we’ve finally bench pressed our goal weight? We backslide. We fall into bad habits. We end up right back where we started.

Then… another year, another resolution.

Don’t worry— you’re not alone. Everyone has been there, trust me. But it’s time to break free from the vicious yo-yo fitness cycle.

So this is my point: don’t just think about the goal. Don’t just focus on the end. Don’t tunnel vision on just the resolution. Instead, think about the day in, day out freedom. The constant happiness with your body. The security of knowing that whether it’s January or June, you’ll feel comfortable in your bikini. That you are right where you want to be.

Focus on that feeling, and make it a part of your goal. Because THAT, my friends, is what’s going to change your “new year, new me” from becoming a “new year, temporary me.”

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