Muddy Melissa Turns Dirty 30!

—> Since it’s my 30th birthday today, I thought I’d take the time to share 30 fun facts you may not (or may!) know about me.

30 Facts About Me on My 30th Birthday

  1. I didn’t play any sports in high school. Being a fitness freak, you’d probably guess I played at least one sport in high school… but nope. I went to a private Catholic academics-focused high school with a graduating class of 46 students. My high school didn’t even having a swimming pool or a football field. Our wrestling team was one lonely kid.
  2. I’m only 5’ tall.
  3. I’m always cold. I blast the heat in the car, snuggle up in a heated blanket, and sit in front of the fireplace year-round. I have a portable heater that I carry around from room to room in my house. I sit in front of it with it on the highest setting. Sometimes the heat turns my skin red… but I don’t even notice.
  4. I believe in kindness.
  5. I’m a huge book nerd. Nothing beats the smell and feel and experience of a tangible book, but I’ve transitioned to Audible books to fit in more reading time. My total Audible listening time… is 4 months and 28 days.
  6. I love coffee. Real coffee. Black. Not Starbucks.
  7. I love coloring books, word searches, and 1000+ piece puzzles.
  8. I’m childfree by choice.
  9. I need nature. No, not “I like nature.” I truly need it. As in, I cannot function without it. If I go too long without camping or hiking or fishing or… something… I feel it.
  10. I don’t believe in complaining.
  11. I believe video games pinnacled with the release of Myst.
  12. I received a full academic scholarship to Duquesne University. I dual majored in psychology and creative writing. Then I went back for a second degree nursing program. Then nutrition. I would collect degrees if I could.
  13. Grammar is important to me. As is spelling. So is diction.
  14. On that note, I think the em dash is the greatest form of punctuation there is.
  15. I have an older sister. We are nothing alike. Most days, I am pretty sure she hates me.
  16. I love Christmas. Giving presents, watching Christmas movies, decorating everything, snow falling… the whole kit and caboodle!
  17. Greek mythology is awesome.
  18. I am positive that my dog is the love of my life.
  19. I have a morning routine. Either I head out on the trails or I hit up the gym. Then I drink my morning coffee. On the porch if it’s spring or summer, in my nook if it’s fall or winter. I listen to classical music or an Audible book while I make my breakfast. Afterwards, I take my dog for a walk before I officially “start” my day.
  20. I was named after an Allman Brothers song. So was my sister.
  21. I credit my work ethic to my grandfather. He retired early from Heinz to stay home to take care of my grandmother when her health started failing.
  22. I hate when people call me pet names. Kiddo, honey, sweetie, etc. I’m an adult. Treat me like one.
  23. I love flossing. Clean teeth are the best feeling in the world!
  24. I have a playlist comprised entirely of Disney songs. I sing to it while driving. Very loudly and very badly.
  25. Organizing things makes me happy.
  26. I have an extensive makeup collection. I’ve racked up close to 11,000 in Sephora points. But I won’t spend more than $10 on an item of clothing or more than $20 on a pair of shoes (that aren’t for running). And expensive purses? Pffft… I’ll carry my gym bag,
  27. I’m known around my neighborhood as “the Friday Fairy” because I leave little notes and small presents for random people every Friday. Just because.
  28. Chick flicks are awful. They’re bad, and if you watch them you should feel bad. They perpetuate unhealthy ideas about relationships, and they’re created by people who think women have spaghetti for brains.
  29. I’m an avid firearms enthusiast.
  30. My biggest flaws: overly independent, too honest, and total workaholic.

—> Share yours now! I’d love to learn more about you guys! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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