Food for Thought Friday: 10 Week Nutrition Video Series Intro

This week for Food for Thought Friday, I’m introducing my upcoming 10 week nutrition video series— which will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition. Whether you’re a nutrition novice or a fitness know-it-all, I can guarantee you’ll learn a lot from this video series. Don’t miss out on any of my videos— enter your e-mail below (beneath the video series overview) to get all 10 weeks of the videos directly sent to your inbox!

10 Week Nutrition Video Series Overview

  1. Protein
    1. Why protein is important
    2. How much protein do you need?
    3. Essential vs. nonessential amino acids
    4. Complete vs. incomplete proteins
    5. Examples of lean protein sources
    6. Overview of different protein powder types
  2. Carbs
    1. Why carbs are important
    2. How much carbs do you need?
    3. Complex vs. simple carbs
    4. Blood glucose physiology
    5. Examples of complex carb sources
    6. Examples of simple carb sources
    7. A note about no carb and low carb diets
  3. Fiber
    1. Why fiber is important
    2. How much fiber do you need?
    3. Soluble vs. insoluble fiber
    4. Examples of ideal fiber sources
  4. Fats
    1. Why fats are important
    2. How much fat do you need?
    3. The types of fats
      1. Saturated
      2. Monounsaturated (MUFAs)
      3. Polyunsaturated (PUFAs)
      4. Trans
      5. Omega 3 fatty acids
      6. Omega 6 fatty acids
    4. “Good” fats vs. “bad” fats
    5. Examples of ideal fat sources
    6. “Good” cholesterol vs. “bad” cholesterol
    7. Dietary fat does NOT equal body fat
  5. Hydration
    1. Why water is important
    2. How much water do you need?
    3. Electrolytes (Maintaining F/E balance)
  6. Portion Control
    1. Understanding food labels
    2. Calories
    3. Macros
    4. The “hand” system
  7. Athlete Considerations
    1. What you need more of— and why!
    2. Nutrient timing
    3. Carb loading
    4. Supplementation
  8. Food Psychology
    1. Why “diets” don’t work
    2. Our emotional relationship with food
    3. Our social interactions surrounding food
    4. Our negative food associations
    5. Mindful eating
  9. Clean Eating
    1. What is clean eating?
    2. Why is clean eating important?
    3. Evidence based methodology
    4. Whole 30 vs. paleo vs. clean eating
    5. My recommendations— and why!
  10. Conclusion
    1. Question and answer session

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