Styling Soup is Serious Business!


Well— it’s two days before the release of my e-book. It’s been a lot of fun… but also a lot of work! The one thing I’ve learned is this: you can’t just slap a burger on a plate, take a couple of pictures of it, and expect it to look delicious. No matter HOW delicious it actually is. Even if your mouth is watering as you take the picture— your mouth might not be watering when you look at the picture’s results.

There are whole careers devoted to this. Food photographers and food stylists. Food stylists! That’s a thing. A real thing. Before embarking on this endeavor, I certainly didn’t know that. It gives me pause for thought. When we’ve got people brushing on oil to capture that juicy glisten of a burger and placing herbs with tweezers on a plate piece by piece… how do people fare in all of this? No wonder we’re a nation plagued by insecurity. When we look at a picture of a human being in a magazine and we think “geez, I wish I looked like that.” Hell, not even our food looks like “that.”

But I’m just little old me. No food photographers, no food stylists, none of that stuff. I’m just a gal cooking stuff that I think tastes good (hopefully it looks good too), capitalizing on the advice of my favorite photographer (my mom!) and trolling photography blogs for handy tips. My entire photo shoot of me? It took less time than photographing each one— JUST ONE—of the dishes in my upcoming e-book. Heck, before this I wasn’t even using a “real” camera. Just my iPhone (no more of THAT, let me tell you… why didn’t I invest in a camera ages ago?!).

But— it’s been a labor of love. I can’t wait for you guys to see the results. I’ve handpicked my 25 favorite 5 ingredient delicious and nutritious recipes (all clean eating, of course!). From apricot glazed jumbo scallops to Korean kimchi beef burgers (shown above!), these recipes are all quick, easy, yet delicious to help bring clean eating to your daily life in the tastiest way possible. I really, really hope my hard work has paid off and that you all enjoy it.

Two days left! Get it this Saturday— 7.23!


Muddy Melissa

P.S. Thank you for all your love, support, and encouragement guys!

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