Announcing: ReliGym

It’s time for the BIG announcement guys! I’m partnering with a newly-formed nonprofit organization, ReliGym, which will aim to offer free fitness services to underprivileged youth such as fitness classes, gym memberships, and fitness equipment. By helping these kids strengthen themselves physically, we can also teach them how to strengthen themselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. ReliGym will be offering free functional fitness classes (which I will be teaching here in Pittsburgh!) for underprivileged youth by January of 2016. All endeavors will be funded through our ReliGym Clothing Co. athletic apparel line, which I will also be representing (you’ll see soon!)

Help support our cause through our GoFundMe page, visiting our ReliGym website, or purchasing from our ReliGym Clothing Co. line (available soon!).

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