Fashion Forward Friday: First Edition

For us fitness-minded folks, our selection of workout clothes— for everything from running to biking to weightlifting to yoga— often quickly overtakes our day-to-day clothes. 10 pairs of running shoes? Check! 1 pair of heels? Ummm… maybe, somewhere, I think… underneath the running shoes, probably. Spending 100 dollars on a blouse? Methinks no. But a waterproof, breathable, comfortable running jacket that doesn’t make that annoying swooshy sound? Here, TAKE MY MONEY! But being dedicated to fitness doesn’t have to mean forsaking fashion forever! So on Fridays, I’ll be toasting my top picks for fashion forward fitness. (And if your idea of fashion forward fitness is choosing the shirt with the least amount of holes in it… well, that’s cool too, as long as you’re rockin’ it!)


Cozy Orange Vikasa Sports Bra in Red/Berry from

Nike Pro N+TC Tour Shanghai Women’s Training Tights from

Faith Yoga Tank Top in Red from Paramita Flow Designs at

Brooks Infiniti Anorak in Color 648 (red) from

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