Anatomy of a Girl’s Gym Bag

Every girl’s got some baggage— some more than others! And when it comes to our gym bags, us ladies don’t always pack light. I’ve never been known to be a light packer, and my gym bag is seriously stocked. I figure with all the time I spend at the gym that it should be… right?! At least that’s my justification! So what’s this lady sportin’ in her gym bag? Keep reading to find out!

1. Shower Shoes

There’s nothing grosser than a gym shower stall that hasn’t been tended to. Athlete’s foot, shower scum, and all sorts of other varieties of yuck lurk in those shower stall crevices. Forgetting your shower shoes when you need them at the gym? Yeah, that makes for a pretty bad day in my opinion! My shower shoes stay firmly planted in my gym bag no matter what. Because even if you don’t need to shower at the gym every single day, it’s better to have them when you don’t need them than to not have them when you do!

2. Towel Set

I always make sure my gym bag is stocked with two towels— one bath towel, one hand towel. This way, I can use the smaller towel to mop up sweat, wipe down equipment, etc. during my workout, and I can use the bigger towel to dry off with after my post workout shower. They’re simple must-have items in any girl’s gym bag!

3. Refillable Travel Toiletry Set

Travel Set

Any time you need to shower at the gym, lugging around full size toiletries can be a pain in the ass (and back!). But purchasing travel size items every single time you need to shower at the gym isn’t convenient either. Instead, purchase a refillable travel toiletry set that allows you to fill up the bottles with your choice of products in a quick, convenient, and easy way. I scored this refillable travel toiletry set at Sephora for only $40, and as a bonus it also comes with handy dandy labels to help you identify each product. No more mixing up lotion and conditioner!

4. Sports Wipes

Sport Wipes

On days when you don’t need to or want to shower at the gym, it’s still important to keep yourself feeling fresh post workout. My solution? Playtex Sport Wipes. These wipes are super small and can be tossed in just about any gym bag, purse, heck—- even your pocket. They’re great for freshening up, removing makeup, and even getting out stains from clothes! Tossing a few of these in your gym bag is a must for any female gym-goer!

5. Headphones

There are few things that can make me scrap my workout, and forgetting my headphones at home is one of them! My solution? Grab an extra pair of headphones exclusively for jammin’ at the gym, and keep them in your gym bag whenever you’re not using them. A cheap pair runs for about only $10, so it’s a small price to pay for knowing that you’ll always have your workout tunes at the ready!

6. Weightlifting Gloves

Men, scoff all you want at weightlifting gloves, but us ladies want to keep our hands soft, silky, and callus-free! So, lady lifters, make sure your gloves are always tucked neatly into your gym bag. Otherwise, you’ll be risking some painful palms the day after your workout! I make sure I’ve always got my weightlifting gloves on hand (yeah, pun totally intended!) by keeping them in my gym bag no matter what!


7. Lock and Key

Get that on lockdown! So, you’ve got all of your gym necessities stowed away in your gym bag—- now you gotta make sure everything stays safe! A gym lock is an absolute must to ensure your gym bag’s contents don’t “grow legs” and disappear altogether during your workout. I prefer a lock and key set as opposed to a combination lock, just because I have a habit of forgetting my combinations regularly. If you purchase a lock and key set, invest in a ball chain to stash your key on while you’re working out; I sport mine around my neck while training!


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