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As a certified run coach, one of my biggest take away points for my clients is fairly simple— keep a training log. So what exactly is a training log? Well, in short, a training log is a record of the in-depth details of your training runs. Nowadays, most people are used to recording their runs with a GPS device, a running app, or something along those lines. But far too many people underestimate the value of a training log.

A training log is the perfect place to keep track of everything that effects your runs: mood, weather, gear, nutrition, and so much more. A training log delves deeper into what impacts your runs— both positively and negatively— as opposed to simply recording pace, time, distance, etc. This is where you can write down important tidbits such as “gel gave my stomach the gurgles during my long run today” or “tried out my new insoles today and my feet felt awesome throughout my run” or whatever you feel like!

Tiny details such as these may not seem as important as the hard facts of your runs (pace, distance, time, effort), but the fact is these details, in the long term, can lead to a better understanding of what helps and hurts your runs. Not only that, but come race time, these details can help you be best prepared to perform at peak capacity. You’ll know ahead of time, with the help of your trusty training log, what gear, nutrition, and prepwork will lead to your best possible run.

Unsure where to begin when keeping a training log? Then download my personal weekly training log— it’ll help keep you on track throughout the week, as well as help you record the details of each run. Keep on runnin’, guys!

Training Log


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