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Every runner has a mild (okay, not so mild!) love affair with their running gear. We cherish our running shoes, we squeal over compression socks, and a new running outfit— come on, we might as well be on cloud nine! We’re known to spend hours wandering through Dick’s Sporting Goods or days searching the latest running tech online. It’s an obsession, we admit… but we’re cool with that.

I get asked about my running gear recommendations from time to time— everything from shoes to tech to clothes. So today’s the day I give you the scoop on my favorite running gear with my list of my top 7 running must-haves. Keep in mind, I’m a female runner, so the bulk of these running recommendations are going to be female-centric. I apologize to my male readers in advance! Check out my running loves:

 1. An iPhone 


Have you seen the latest fitness-focused commercial Apple’s been promoting? Well, that commercial is spot-on in my personal opinion; the iPhone and fitness go hand in hand. There’s so many running and/or fitness apps available, and the majority of fitness monitors now connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth. An iPhone can be a handy tool in so many ways— tracking your runs, finding a running route, GPS services, creating workout playlists, and so much more. Not to mention that it’s a good idea, just for safety purposes, to have your phone on you at all times during your runs!

2. Lifeproof Case with Armband

Lifeproof Case and Armband

Lifeproof cases protect your iPhone from pretty much everything: water, dirt, dust, impact, etc. I’ve managed to take my iPhone with me on mud runs, rainy runs, snowy runs, and so much more thanks to my Lifeproof case. Not to mention the countless times I’ve dropped my iPhone and my phone has made it through unscatched— saving me the time, money, and hassle of replacing my phone each fall. Lifeproof is truly a life-saver for my phone! To go along with it, Lifeproof’s armband makes an awesome accessory. Your phone stays securely on your arm throughout your run— yet easily accessible when you want to change your music, check your running app, etc.

3. Brooks Infiniti Anorak

Brooks Infiniti Anorak

Brooks’ Infiniti Anorak is one of my favorite running gear purchases of all time. I searched for weeks for a running jacket that fit the bill of my high standards: I wanted something lightweight and waterproof (NOT just water-resistant)— yet didn’t “swoosh” annoyingly like a trash bag while I was running. Oh, and cute to boot! This jacket was the only one that made the muster. It’s light enough that I’ve comfortably worn it on runs this summer in 80 degree weather, and it truly keeps me 100% dry during my runs no matter how heavy the rain falls. The fabric feels soft with no “swooshing” whatsoever. And, yup, this jacket is just plain adorable! It’s pricy— but oh-so-worth-it!

4. Danskin Sport Capri

Danskin Sport Capri

Running clothes can set you back a pretty penny. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve dropped $100+ on a pair of running pants (it was cold gear though! that makes it okay… right?!). These capris? They’re cute, comfortable, breathable… and they won’t set you back more than $15! Danskin has a whole collection of workout gear available at Walmart for us budget-minded gal runners. I always make a point to hit up Walmart to check out Danskin’s selection before heading to somewhere pricier like UnderArmour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Brooks, etc.

5. Angel by Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra

Angel by Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra

Us girls— we gotta take care of our girls (cringe away, guys… but it’s true!). Every woman knows the pain of an improperly supported run; on the flip side, we also know the discomfort of being downright smooshed into oblivion with an overly restrictive sports bra. So the sports bra department? Not something women should skimp on! My personal fav is this sports bra from Victoria’s Secret’s new line of sports wear. It provides support and comfort while maintaining shape— no “uniboob” effect going on here!

6. Brooks Adrenaline ASR 10 GTX

Women’s Adrenaline ASR 10 GTX

Every runner who has found “the shoe” remains faithfully devoted to their shoe. Mine? Brooks’ Adrenaline ASR 10 GTX. It’s perfect for me: geared towards trail running, waterproof with Goretex, designed for those with high arches, supportive enough for my mild pronation, and just all around a dream for me to wear. Runners, you know how it is. I’ve got 3 pairs of these babies in my running closet, and I’ll keep buying it as long as Brooks is still selling it!

7. Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics

Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts

I love my Dr. Scholl’s insoles! With my high arches, orthotics are a must-have. Dr. Scholl’s has numerous custom foot mapping centers available for customers; basically, you step on a platform (after answering a couple of simple questions) and a sensor will analyze your feet— then they’ll tell you the best orthotics for your feet. Me? I’m a CF110. But head on over to your nearest custom foot mapping center (just click on the picture above to find one closest to you) to find out which orthotics would work best for you!

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