Update: CrossFit Certification

As many of my readers know, I’m always on a mission to enhance my education of everything fitness-related. Coming on the heels of my recent RRCA run coach certification course, I’ve decided to take the leap to opt for another certification as well— CrossFit!

CrossFit has been a passion of mine for a while now, and I love the sport’s focus on a positive community atmosphere. There’s a reason CrossFitters are so passionate about CrossFit; it’s because CrossFitters aren’t just athletes— they’re a family of athletes. Miss a week in the box, and your CrossFit family will give you hell for it!

I’m excited about this decision to become CrossFit-certified, and I can’t wait for everything I’ll learn during my certification class. I already know it’s going to be an amazing experience— one that I can’t wait to share with my future CrossFitters as well as all of my current readers. Wish me luck, because today begins my first day into my journey as a CrossFit-certified trainer!

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