Move Over, Egg McMuffin (Top!)

I know, I know… I’ve been on a bit of a breakfast kick lately! What can I say — this girl loves her brinner! This cleaned-up version of a breakfast sandwich is a real treat though! Using grilled portobello mushroom caps in lieu of a bun, this tasty little morsel is 100% clean. The real beauty of this breakfast sandwich is that you can endlessly create your own clean combinations by mixing and matching a myriad of toppings. Avocado, salsa, jalapeños, roasted peppers, just about anything! Try this deliciously clean breakfast sandwich, and ditch the Egg McMuffin— and the muffin top that goes along with it!
Breakfast Sandwich
Serves 1
2 portobello mushroom caps, grilled
1 slice extra lean deli ham
1 slice tomato
1 lettuce leaf
4 egg whites
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/8 teaspoon thyme
Sprinkling of salt

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In the meantime, grill the portobello mushroom caps. To do this, I just popped the mushrooms onto a prepped indoor grill for about 10 minutes, until the mushrooms became thoroughly cooked. Allow to cool. Place the ham slice on the indoor grill next, cooking for about 2-5 minutes, or until the ham becomes crispy. Place egg whites, pepper, thyme, and salt in a prepared individual-sized ramekin, then bake for roughly 10 minutes. Remove as soon as the eggs become fully cooked. The egg whites should come out of the ramekin in a nicely formed patty. To prepare the breakfast sandwich, use the grilled portobello mushroom caps as a bun, then layer with the lettuce, tomato, egg whites, and ham. Go nuts with this— mix and match toppings and see what suits your taste!

*** Note: the egg whites could easily be cooked on the stovetop as well, but I personally do not recommend this. Baking the egg whites allows them to form a better patty shape for easier eating. But, if you don’t mind a messy breakfast sandwich or if you’re crunched for time, then cooking the egg whites on the stovetop is a viable option as well!


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  1. I am so trying this in the morning ;xoxo by the way you look great doll xoxo

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