Flex Friday Fun in My New Itsy Bitsy Bikini

Flex Friday 2/28

Happy Flex Friday!

Today’s a fun Flex Friday for me— I’m trying out my new bikini! “But, Melissa,” you say “it’s February… why on earth would you need a bikini?” Well, guys, that’s because this time next month I will be basking in the sun on a beach somewhere in the beautiful, sunny, warm Caribbean… with, errr, about as much SPF 90 as my pale Irish body can accommodate, mind you! I’ve often stated that I have two modes: ghost and lobster.

Anyway, I’m excited to venture off into warmer territories, because, seriously, the foot of snow that’s projected to come this weekend has done me in! I knew the second I heard the weather forecast that I just needed to book a cruise already— so I did! And while many use vacations as an excuse to throw their diets and their goals out the window, this clean eatin’ queen refuses to do that. I’ll be posting updates with advice, tips, and strategies to help you eat clean and stay fit while you enjoy your vacation. Yes, even on a cruise!

On that note, check back later today for another segment of my ongoing video series “Food for Thought Friday.” I’ll be posting a video with some invaluable information for all of you clean eaters out there! Happy Friday everyone and get your flex on!


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