Step Up Your Fitness Game: 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge Group! Limited Spots Open!

Even though I’ve been eating clean for the longest time now, I understand all too well how overwhelming eating clean can be for beginners. I know— because I was once there myself! I made a lof of mistakes, eating things I “thought” were clean, but actually weren’t clean at all. I wasted a lot of time on flavorless meals, eating chicken, brown rice, and veggies ad infinitum, because I wasn’t aware of all of the delicious clean eats out there. Over time, I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’ve become passionate about eating clean along the way. As such, the last thing I want is for anyone to experience the same difficulties I did when I started eating clean!

So, because of this, I’ll be leading a 5-day clean eating challenge group starting on 02.10.14. When you commit to joining this challenge group, you’ll receive a no-brainer guide to eating clean, put together by myself personally. You’ll get a meal plan for the entire challenge, a grocery list to help you prepare fot the challenge, as well as easy-to-follow recipes along with instructions. Moreover, you’ll also gain entry into a private challenge group. As a member of this challenge group, which will be led by me personally, you’ll receive daily motivation, nutritional education, and the chance to connect with others interested in eating clean. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, look better, or feel better, this challenge group can help you work towards your goals!

Of course I am offering all of this for FREE, so this is an opportunity you truly do not want to miss. Unfortunately I can only work with so many people at one given time, so limited spots are available in my challenge group. If you’re at all interested (which, really, if you care about your health and fitness even the slightest bit—- you should be!), don’t hesitate to e-mail me for more information at

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  1. Hi Melissa, I’m that person you just described wanting to eat clean whole foods, but not knowing for sure what are clean whole foods. I already stopped processed food, fast foods, and a bunch of supplements. I believe my eating habits have improved, and I have a great deal of support from my wife Ngoc. I switched from weight training to more body weight exercise, plyometrics, but have lost a lot of weight. I stand at 5’11” & now weigh 170#, and I want to be 175-180#, and I have to include that I’m HIV/HEP-C Positive with arthritis in both hands & 51 Years Young. I really need to learn witch foods are best for my goals “to build strength, maintain balance in Mind, Body, Spirit, and have the energy to complete my workouts stronger each time at the gym with little down time. I’m working currently with Results will vary for my workout’s, and now I need the food to match, You’re welcome to checkout my website it’s small with not a whole lot of traffic, but you can learn more about my back ground I’m starting a personal trainers course at CCSF on 4/12/2014 to become certified and really want to be ready for it. Thank You Peace!

    1. Hi Edgar! I’m so happy that you’ve reached out to me. With your goals, I would recommend a high calorie, high protein diet. If you’re looking to gain weight (lean muscle— NOT fat!), then this is the only way to do! I’d also recommend switching BACK to weight training if you’re looking to put on muscle. Think of it this way— you can only progress so far with body weight exercises alone. With weight training, you can progress much quicker, more easily, and advance further than with only bodyweight exercises. Was there a particular reason that you switched to bodyweight only exercises? Being HIV & HEP-C positive makes nutrition essential in your case, because studies have shown time and time again that a healthy diet and regular exercise go hand in hand to help boost your immune system, and I am sure that once you commit yourself to eating clean you will not only look better, but also feel better. Were you interested in joining my 5-day clean eating challenge group? Or, if you prefer, we could discuss some possible nutritional tips for you personally. Feel free to e-mail me at I’d also recommend checking out my “Clean Eating FAQ” tab at the top of the page— it might answer some lingering questions you’ve had about eating clean! Hope to hear from you soon!

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