I’m Taking Recipe Requests!

Alright guys, I know what I love to eat, but I want to know what YOU love to eat too! I don’t run this blog just for myself; I do it for all of you guys out there, and I want to make sure I’m providing you with clean recipes for foods you actually WANT to eat! You know, food that you look forward to— that doesn’t make you feel deprived just because you’re eating “health food.”  So I’m taking requests for recipes… Yup, that’s right, I want to hear what recipes YOU want! You can suggest a dish you’d like to see a healthier version of (no promises though, guys… I’m a clean eats wizard, but not even I can make deep fried ice cream healthy!), you can name an ingredient you’d like to see used in a recipe, or you can make whatever other suggestions you see fit!

Some recipe inquiries I’ve gotten thus far include:

– Crock Pot Recipes
– Kid Friendly Recipes (I’m not gonna lie— this will be a doozy for me! As someone who is CFBC, I don’t know what kids will/won’t eat! I might have to round up my niece and nephews as taste testers for this one, methinks!)
– More Desserts

So, come on guys, let’s hear it— what meals would you like to see on Muddy Melissa’s menu? I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys cook up for me to cook up!

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